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Gun Milan

Kundali matching or gun milan may be a process during which the compatibility of horoscope of both the partners bride or bridegroom is checked and average score which is understood as gun matching is generated. Indian astrologers mostly use ashtkoot chakra or Avakhanda chakra to urge the gun milan score by matching both of the partners horoscope or Janam kundali.

Mostly Indian families belief within the gun matching for marriage to urge the simplest horoscope of bride or bridegroom in order that both the couple after marriage will survive happily and don't face any disputes or conflicts between them moreover they're going to not survive any misfortune.

Gun milan is proven and reliable astrological method which has established within the ancient time also has been using with an equivalent beliefs for that point . the method of gun milan is completed by two ways:

First is merely with the name of male and feminine .

Second is completed by matching the Janam kundali or horoscope by date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. the gun milan compatibility using name is as same as birth detail. consistent with astrologers, people can get the report of Gun milan through names and thru birth details as both of them have same effects one people’s life.

this is often because as some people don't have the knowledge about the accurate birth detail like birth date, birth time so those people can use the present name to urge Gun milan report. Generally, gun milan or marriage horoscope is completed with the assistance of zodiac signs, lunar constellations consistent with the ashtkoot chakra or Avakhanda chakra.

Gun milan points are maximum of 36 as they're generated with 8 factors and in Gun milan it's very crucial that both of the partners have a mean of quite 24 because 24 point isn't considered an honest match but most of the people do marriage during this average matching also. The eight points are Varan, vasya, Tara, yoni, Grah maîtri , gan, bhakoot and nadi.

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